Fundamentals of Leadership

Understanding Your Leadership Style

Start focusing on your strengths, rather than your weaknesses.

Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It's about impact, influence and inspiration. Too many times, we focus on the “what if’s”. What if something goes wrong? What if I’m not competent enough? What if I fail? It’s about time we start focusing on our strengths, rather than our weaknesses. Strength based leadership is about focusing on your strengths, and delegating tasks that you’re not as good at to others who are more skilled and experienced.

Whether we’re talking about weathering storms, or navigating our paths forward, the most powerful thing we can do for ourselves is taking the time to figure out what kind of leader we aspire to be. We all have different leadership styles and ways to connect with others.

That being said, the InspireHer Society created a workshop with guiding exercises to help women understand how to be their authentic self. Too often, we talk about leadership in opposition and comparison, rather than about different leadership approaches. On February 22, 2018 and March 1, 2018, the InspireHer Society held a two-part workshop called “The Fundamentals of Leadership” at the Board N Brew Cafe. This workshop had candid conversation and allowed participants a chance to better understanding themselves through mindful exercises. Women were provided with a hot meal, a printed leadership package and a chance to network with like-minded individuals.

At the end of the day this workshop explored values-based leadership and guided participants through activities to identify their personal leadership values. Part two of the workshop examined strengths-based leadership and helped participants discover  their natural strengths and talents. In return, participants were able to apply their knowledge outside the workshop setting.

The InspireHer Society hopes to continue offering this workshop throughout the year as a valuable experience for all women. Please check out our events to discover more about upcoming programs offered by the InspireHer Society!