About Us

The InspireHer Society is a group of professionals who engage women in the Edmonton area. We provide numerous opportunities for professional and personal growth through networking events and thoughtful conversation. As an organization, we recognize that women in the workplace work differently. We give women the chance to connect with remarkable leaders who may have experienced similar sentiments in a workplace environment. The InspireHer Society is a non-profit group that is constantly striving to create a supportive community for emerging leaders. We engage members in a variety of mentorship programs allowing individuals to grow a powerful network of relationships. 

Our Guiding Principles

We will redefine leadership for all genders. 

We will support women in all their diverse personal and professional paths.

We will encourage women to dare to be ambitious in all aspects of their lives.

Our Vision

Unlocking the leadership potential of the next generation of women.

Our Mission

Increasing every woman’s capacity and confidence through meaningful connections, and proven and accessible resources.

Our Values

Growth: We want to see e very person find value in our events and leave two steps forwards in their lives.

Authentic Integrity: Always keeping in mind our broader commitment to serving Edmonton leaders.

Collaboration: Creating meaningful conversations across communities.

Want to know more? Discover the programs and events we have planned in the Edmonton area.